Why should I become a member?

By joining CME you become a part of an international community to collaborate, network, explore, learn and share the latest trends and best practices of health professions education. 

You may,

*  Enhance your knowledge in innovations and future trends in health professions education

*  Recognize new ideas and concepts to be incorporated into your own teaching and learning

*  Be the change agent in your department, institution and region to promote excellence in health professions education

* Participate at CME conferences at a reduced rate

* Eligible for discounts on other international conferences jointly organized by CME

* Free access to wide range of activities including CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities and guest speaker forums organized by CME

Who should join?

 We welcome you as a CME member,

* If you are a qualified medical professional or a medical graduate with at least one year post-basic training

* If you are a graduate from any allied health sciences stream with at least one year post-basic training

* If you are an enthusiast for medical education, involved in teaching or research or interested in latest development in the field of health professions education